这一刻,爱吧!Dine in 2014 Part 1

Cornetto’s mini-movie advertisement featuring Kai Ko, Bolin Chen and Ariel Lin among others. It’s basically a series of pretty scenes and random insights about love.

I’m just very upset about my Ariel and Bolin OTP who are not OTP. Apparently Bolin has a long-distance girlfriend he skypes, while Ariel just broke up with her boyfriend of 5 years a couple months ago. Kai is a happy-go-lucky puppy. 

I’m sad because all the looks Bolin gives her, it’s just too much. AND he’s the one who understands her pain and talks her through it. AND SHE DEVELOPS A CRUSH ON HIM sobb

Part 2, 3 (No subs but the prettiness and all their interactions are def worth it)